The story

A man is taking stock.
A man is searching for a picture.
Searching for the last picture of his life.
Escaping a flood of images, he recalls past disappointments and troubling changes.
At five stages of his life, his thoughts and memories merge into a fragmentary narrative.

Pleasure, anger, longing, fear and grief are the topics of the five life stages:
childhood, youth, adolescence,
adulthood and the impending death.

The music

The state “at the big hillock” (Massachusetts) is the home of post-rock band Caspian.
Their music is at times minimal, at times epic, weaving an instrumental sound carpet on which the plot is spread out.

Even larger loom the mountains where the Tibetan Gyuto monks live in exile in Dharamsala.
Their ruminant chant from the top of the world supports the soundtrack in copy.paste.delete to achieve its essential function:
to clarify, emphasize, calm down and create connections.

The pictures

Bustling with human activity a long time ago, disused factories, manufacturing halls and bath houses are now the setting of an antagonistic dream world.
In the current era of obsessive productivity, the silence that rings through these places of past restlessness is surprising.

This silence, however, triggers the protagonist’s inner visual repertory and moulds starkly contrasting ideas
into new impressions, threatening memories and contemplative perspectives.