Christoph, is this a feel-good movie?


Where did you get the idea for this movie?

Every day we are overwhelmed by shocking pictures.
The absurd potpourri of pictures of celebrities, armed conflict and embarrassing situations that appears in the newspapers is thoroughly disturbing. People open their doors and hearts to reality television cameras.

While producing my documentary films I started to reflect on the power of pictures, about their significance for a collective, visual contemporary history and how they influence our individual way of life.

In the beginning, there was more a mood than a concrete idea for this movie.
During a long process of offline discussions with friends and online inspirations, I was led to the precise content of the movie

What is the topic of the movie?


A complex topic. Does that mean we have to expect unsettling images?

My movie provides a context; it highlights parallels and ultimately, amidst the diversity of our world, it singles out its beauty of the details.

Nevertheless copy.paste.delete is not light entertainment.

Should copy.paste.delete as a “poetic creation” clarify the consequences of the flood of images?

Maybe. Nowadays, catharsis comes in many forms.
Nevertheless, the movie is not a sermon.

Let’s go back to the first question about happiness:
It normally only lasts for a few short moments.
In the movie these are there as well.

Is the movie autobiographical?

copy.paste.delte is a pretty personal movie and portrays intimate feelings.
Of course my life experience left its mark on the script, but also the experiences of many others came into it.

copy.paste.delete is a composite work of many individual participants, who contribute their point of view and their different skillsets.

What connects your team?

The ability to pick up ideas and to develop them further and to reject them again if they don’t work out.

In addition, the willingness to disagree with me and to push our project forward in a constant dialogue.

Your team is international. How does the cooperation work over large distances?

It’s exhausting, but also exhilarating! Of course, it’s completely different to sitting all together in an office.

You have to place trust in the competences of the others, and you need patience.
Even tough you can quickly share rough sketches and outlines thanks to technology, you can’t accelerate creativity.

And what is the result so far?

We try to achieve maximum effects with minimal resources. Creativity manifests itself in simplicity.

Organic effects are our alternative to all the soulless, hyper-realistic animation. It’s okay if my pictures show that they have been edited. My movies are in the true sense of the word handmade.

The result is a travelogue, a psychedelic road movie.
A surreal mosaic that is the quintessence of an insane reality.
It’s an essay.

A box full of impressions, which holds a surprise in store for everyone.